Military chic

When I stumbled across this terribly cute coat on Pret A Portobello during my Belgrade-holidays, I simply knew I had to get my hands on it sooner or later. So thankfully my dad agreed on offering his Visa card to buy me the coat even when I still found myself far away from home. So […]

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Don’t be fooled, it’s still cold outside!

Even though this is Hannover… in Hildesheim, it was much much much much much much much colder! It’s not enjoyable anymore…BUT my leather tassle skirt I decided to buy after all from Topshop is double enjoyable for that matter. It’s so beautiful, dear! I love it, I wanna marry it, hihihi…Also, Uni started again for […]

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Black hole sun

Well, what can I say… I haven’t been freezing much taking these pictures, despite the low temperatures; the sun already has quite some warming up powers. My sister had quite some frozen-red fingers at the end of the shoot, though.. hi hi.I found this kinda hop-hop-hippie-dress at ZARA yesterday and I love it. It’s so […]

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Boots for free

Since it’s commonly known around the people I know that I own the hardware and a little bit of practice and knowledge as well on how to tattoo, a girl that currently does a practice at my dad’s workplace offered me to trade her 130 € genuine leather boots for a foot-tattoo. She said she […]

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