Rule Britannia!

‚Twas a splendid find my sister’s friend once did on a British military base somewhere in Lower Saxony. Or rather, he stole it! The Union Jack that I’m talking about even has a hole in the middle and my sister is totally sure that it must be shot through or something! Anyway, that’s what I’m […]

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Well, I’m noticing lots of cute alicebands, clips and other hair accessoires in the fashion bloggin world for a long time now and I decided it was finally time to get myself a quite wearable, thus not as peculiar a headband as the white flowers with the silver christmas-tree-bird on it, but still quite cutsie […]

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Colour (mis)matching

How can anyone wear green socks?!?! That’s what my sister was telling me when she saw me wearing my forest-inspired footwear in my peeptoe-booties today. Anyway, that was one of the reasons I bought these open-toe shoes – to combine them with some trashy fun colour socks and tights. And today I felt kinda green, […]

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It’s all Greek to me

Alright, let’s open another chapter in the book called Do It Yourself. I found this awesome non-shiny blueish-white silk in a drawer where my mom keeps all her old, unused fabrics lately and I just KNEW this piece of silk would soon have to be turned into a sweet dress. I also knew it had […]

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Military chic

When I stumbled across this terribly cute coat on Pret A Portobello during my Belgrade-holidays, I simply knew I had to get my hands on it sooner or later. So thankfully my dad agreed on offering his Visa card to buy me the coat even when I still found myself far away from home. So […]

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