Luxury and anarchy

Yep, that’s one of the things I did last night when I wasn’t feeling like writing my term paper… shame on me! But this old white teeshirt just begged for being changed to something a bit better!Ok so I got a bit crazy, cut off the shirt’s sleeves, cut away the neckline and at least […]

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If By Yes*

Okay I *was* feeling a bit better this morning, despite all the coughing and shit, BUT when I came home after we took a nice lil walk in the rain through the park, I got this horrible cramp in me right leg and since then I’m not able to walk anymore :/ Horrible, I don’t […]

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Well it’s obvious that sorbet colours are pretty big for SS 09 – but also because I’m really keen on finding one or two perfect pieces in peach or plum for the summer, I sat down today, trying to avoid the fact that I got some homework for uni to do soon, and made some […]

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What am I to do

Today I got really depressed because I still couldn’t go outside because of my sickness, didn’t even make it to see my doctor! But that was because of other issues, anyway… to kinda cheer me up again, I gave myself a little tattoo extension on my right lower leg. For quite some time already I […]

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Professional Distortion

My Steve Madden platforms arrived yesterday and they’re oh so comfortable with their soft white leather and wooden heel! I was wearing them out shopping today for many many hours and only felt some general tiredness of my legs afterwards :) Very nice… although I got quite some weird looks from other people. I can’t […]

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