And meeting Vio a while back. By now, Berlin is completely snowed in, all white and my legs hurt from stumbling to work and back home. Anyway, I like snow and I’m happy about it. Only when moving places last weekend, the snow was quite a pain in the ass to tell the truth. Once […]

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Here comes one of the last (I’m pretty sure) light-dressed autumn outfits as the temperature is about to drop heavily and probably, the snow is coming, too! Last week I met up with the lovely and beautiful Vio of [MICROPHONEHEART] (pics coming later) with whom I spend some fun hours in the ‚hood. It’s also […]

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Lavender grey

Another week has come to its end, not much to say about the weekend despite that I did some packing stuff at the old flat (I’ll be moving places in two weeks – woot!), went to the movies („Easy A“ – quite fun!!) and stayed at my man’s place as usual :) Today the weather […]

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Here we go, it’s getting colder and colder and we take the high leg boots out of our closets again! Together with a caramel knitted dress, leather belt and fur collar, I feel like I’m back in the 70s – and I like it. Someone else who likes this dress is my boyfriend who enjoys […]

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Tartan Coat

I simply felt my favourite autumn-coat deserved some more attention. Unfortunately, what you frequently get with vintage clothing (or is it only me?) is that the buttons keep falling off until I finally took the time to sew them on again by hand – one. by. one. But still, it’s worth every stitch in the […]

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A while ago I got this blouse as a present from Arafeel. Thanks so much! It’s a cute little thing, however, a bit too pink for me to wear it on a regular basis. But of course, you can order it in different colours (which I might be doing as well since I really love […]

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