The Park

[Feist – The Park]Yesterday was my first time wearing these floral bleached Topshop jeans, after having gone through a long process of getting my hands on them. When Topshop first stocked these pants, I ordered them right away, which only resulted in them booking back the money to my Paypal account together with the information […]

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Black (and White)

Broadcasting the news again from Hannover, missing Berlin badly, can’t wait to go back there, soon!I threw together this outfit in a rush, taking pictures right before going to the swimming pool. It’s a super sunny day today, despite the weather forecast and its promised rain – so much for promises, eh!Well, I rediscovered my […]

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I wish to state that today is officially the first day of spring! Such beautiful weather to spend the whole day outside (AND finally we can show our tattoos again, it’s been so long since we last saw them so well!)That is why I’m wearing my favourite spring-colours today: Light blue and sand. I stole […]

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Food inc.

Just a bunch of photos I took with my small Samsung digital camera that I thought were worth sharing. Mostly food, but also funny shoes by Casadei, beautiful skies and other. Have a lovely sunday everybody!

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Yeah, google just told me (it’s π-day, even though I have no idea why the number pi needs a day for itself but alright) For today, some serious bag-lovin, the classics this time – LV Speedy 25. Yesterday, my man and I spent the afternoon with his older sister and brother, eating cake and later […]

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Playground Love

[Air – Playground Love (The Virgin Suicides)] I figured I should stop writing anything accompanying my pictures in the future. No, not quite, but isn’t it strange that mostly, once I apologize for not posting outfit pictures, the next day I already have said outfit pictures ready to post. And not because I’m trying hard […]

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