Déco/Nouveau – My Room

And should I move to a new room in the near future (hopefully very soon!), ouhhh I can’t wait to decorate it all again, even prettier, even more candles, even more Art Nouveau, more flowers, chandeliers etc. I hope you’re all feeling a little „illuminated“ by this, while we’re all waiting for spring, hehe. And […]

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As pretty as you are…

I still wish for you to leave now, snow. You can come back again, but not too soon, so that I can easily walk the streets on high heels again without twisting my ankles,slipping and landing uncomfortably on my bum. Wearing vintage silk and lace sleeping gown, Topshop velvet dress underneath, dotted tights, Topshop ankle […]

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Stars and the sun

I actually meant to spend my evening getting some work for uni done, but then I figured that it could wait until later tonight so I am officially allowed to waste my time round here for a little longer. Could you, my honourable readers, do me a favour and vote for me if you think […]

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Christmas presents! + Answers

I really hope you had/are having a very sweet and lovely Christmas! For my part, I didn’t ask for any presents this year, but still, this is what I got. I can’t tell you how positively surprised I was, I mean, hey, Edgar Allen Poe? My mom is a genious, she always gives me the […]

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