Black bow

Yesterday, my boyfriend and I visited the Alte Nationalgalerie, taking our time to enjoy 19th century paintings on three floors in an incredibly beautiful building. It was a marvelous place to spend the saturday at, really. While being there, we decided to take some pictures nearby, and what a coincidence I was wearing the same […]

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New babies ♥

Discovery of the day: „Marilyn“ shoe by Terra Plana, a brand that only uses natural and recycled material for their shoe production. Plus the leather is buttery soft which makes these heels so comfortable. And of course, best of all they look simply beautiful :D Found at Dajka in Berlin-Kreuzberg while taking a stroll with […]

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/Rain – The Beatles/I finally got to wear my alternative to black blazer these days, as summer finally decided to take a break and clouds suddenly started to gather around our heads. And even though I quite enjoy summer most of the time, a little bit of cooling down is quite welcome at the moment. […]

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Dance me to the end of love

Today, my man and I took a stroll around Grunewald and its lake, not without me nearly collapsing near the end of our walk, though – I’m such a weakass when it comes to taking longer walks (okay, walking in high heels was my own fault). Anyway, the nature, the weather and the lake were […]

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Hello new flat, hello Berlin!

Even if this is far from finished, I felt like sharing some pics of my new place with you guys. And even if we had tons of boxes, bags and stuff in the transporter, seeing it all arranged in my two-room apartment makes me wonder where all the stuff went! Well, looking at the bright […]

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Moving in, moving out

I love playing with light, when it shines through delicat fabric, reflects on the leaves, on my hair… summer is so much more fun for taking pictures. On saturday we’ll finally move things to the new flat – more than 350 km away from the old one – crazy! But I can’t wait to decorate […]

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