Frequently Asked Questions.

If you should have another question, feel free to send an email: akiri.kitty@gmail.com

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When did you start your blog? December 2008. This blog has been around some time!

Why did you start blogging about fashion and later about beauty? I was mainly inspired by reading other beautiful fashion blogs (there were only a couple of them out there back in the day) and then wanting to do something similar myself. Also, LOOKBOOK.nu inspired me first to take pictures of my outfits, then I started this blog to get more into detail. I just wanted to do more than post a single picture of my outfit – I wanted to create my own universe.

What camera do you use? We use a Canon 5D Mark III with either a 50mm 1.4 lense or a 70-200mm 2.8 lense.

Who takes your pictures? My photographer Max Bechmann. He’s the best!

How old are you? I was born on the 20th of May, 1987 so how old am I exactly? You do the maths!

How tall are you? I’m 1,74 m tall and wear size XS to S.

Where do you live? I was born and raised in Hannover, Germany and moved to Berlin in 2009. In 2014, I left Berlin to go back to my hometown for a year before I moved to Dusseldorf in January 2016. I have also lived in London, Istanbul and Belgrade as well as Brescia at the Lake Garda for a while, all of which I desperately want to visit again!

What do you do apart from blogging? I studied English and German culture, literature, linguistics and creative writing and hold a very good M.A. of Arts degree.
I do a lot of things in the social media area as creative assistant, freelance journalist and model. I connect brands and shops to new social media and do live event coverage and presentation as well.

I also write whimsical songs and play on my guitar, have a passion for dancing, but only at concerts and parties because I couldn’t dance to save my life. I love sports like light yoga, swimming and horseback riding. I also paint and draw a lot in my free time. And I’m a true movie nerd as well as TV series junkie and need to watch at least one episode of something a day to keep relaxed and happy.

What / who inspires you? I’m inspired and intrigued by people who are self-confident and beautiful and know who they want to be (in a way, because you never fully know). Creative people inspire me a lot, too. Musicians, painters, sculptors, actors, directors and writers are incredible people to hang out with. Basically, everyone who loves life and is inspired by the craziness of it all is a huge inspiration to me.

How would you describe your style? Well, I wouldn’t, but if I’d have to, I’d say mostly Parisienne inspired, the famous „Je ne sais quoi.“ I love stripes, maritime blazers, red lips, bangs, pumps, luxurious fabrics and vintage jeans. And I love Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent, so there you go. Both French. Young Jane Birkin is my biggest style hero in the world – what a beauty!

Your fashion essentials? Light blue and black jeans, a plain white teeshirt, a good pair of heels, striped tops, a nice pair of black boots and a Chanel bag.

How many tattoos do you have? I have 6 tattooed spots in total. One on the upper left arm (Tarot card sun and stars) and one on the lower left arm (bird escaping cage), two on the lower right arm (an ice cream cone and Carmen Miranda), one on the upper left leg (bunnyfish) and a big one on the lower right leg (black and white roses, waves, lilies and leopard pattern). They do have a very big meaning to me, yes, but explaining would go too far. You can probably understand the birdcage, right?

How do you stay fit and in good shape? I try to drink a lot of water, it’s the best way to stay fit. Juices are great, too. And I go swimming from time to time. But honestly, I don’t do that much to stay in shape. Lucky me… although I probably should do more.