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Misty Mountains

♬ Neil Finn – Song of the Lonely Mountain ♬ Did you watch The Hobbit, yet? Well, I did and as a big Lord of the Rings-fan, I certainly loved the first part of the prequel equally as much. The only thing that really bothered me was the HFR (48 frames per second) and the […]

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Snowed In

No, this isn’t dandruff on my black hair! It’s snowing so unbelievably much in Berlin right now, it’s not funny anymore. Of course the first snow is always a little exciting, but it makes the walking and taking pictures so hard that it’s becoming slightly annoying already. But since I don’t want to talk about […]

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Alcott Event

Some might say that the market is overfed with clothes covering any price range imaginable. You can buy a sweater for €5 at Primark or €5000 from Balenciaga, depending on how much you are able (and willing!) to pay for clothing and how much you value the living conditions of the sweatshop workers and your […]

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Even though spring usually gets all the attention when we think about seasonal transition, the last weeks of autumn should be mentioned in the same sentence. Why? Well, it’s always difficult to say “now this is winter, this isn’t autumn anymore” – or is it? What is winter? Does winter jump into our lives from […]

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