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The Flying Dutchman


“My heart is the ocean truly.” Rutger Hauer Habt ihr Lust auf Gänsehaut und einen kalten Schauer, der euch über den Rücken läuft, gepaart mit wunderschönen Bildern und einer großartigen Erzählerstimme? Dann lege ich euch den obigen Film “The Flying Dutchman”, der aus einer kreativen Kollaboration zwischen dem charismatischen Schauspieler und leidenschaftlichen Segler Rutger Hauer […]

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Video: Picture Perfect Skin


When I go out to shoot outfit pictures, it is really essential for me that my face looks radiant and impeccable. It’s important for me because my face always complements my looks and I wouldn’t want to distract you with my face as the focus is mostly on the styling. Anyway, I love make-up just […]

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Video: Valentine’s Day Make-Up


“Pink as peonies, sweet as sugar.” I know, I knowww… Valentine’s Day posts are everywhere in the blogsphere right now and it almost seems as if Saint Valentine (whoever he might’ve been) had paid us all to promote “his” day year after year again. Okay, we admit it – this Mr. Valentine is our biggest […]

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C&A #reimagine 1

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Bloggers meet designers during a “speed dating” session in Madrid. Quite recently and along with a happy bunch of other fashion and style bloggers from all over Europe, I’d been invited to Madrid by C&A to follow along and get to know the 8 designers who will take part in the Reimagine Design Challenge initiated […]

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