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My Dinner Look in Bordeaux

Southern French moods and the perfect dinner dress for the beginning of autumn. My sweeties, as you’ve probably already discovered on our Instagram channel @catsanddogsblog, we’ve spent some super sweet days in Bordeaux a while ago. More precisely, we stayed in Martillac, where the Sources de Caudalíe are located and we had the chance to […]

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Dreaming of sun, sand and sea

Just getting out of there for a bit… My sweeties, two days ago, we’ve been amazingly spontaneous (we hadn’t been that spontaneous in a long time), had the idea to get a away for a little (not for too long though, it’s fashion week next week in Berlin), so we sat in an airplane that […]

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In the dunes: the pinko dress

A special dress for a special moment… My sweeties, there are dresses, that somehow feel special from the very first moment you see them. Dresses that we really need to own and once we do, those are the ones we never wanna give away again in our lives. They become a part of us and […]

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