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Fall Transition & Some More Thoughts


You can’t fight hate with hate. Hello my dearies, how have you been? I have to say, I’m still feeling numb and allowed my little blog-break to last a day longer than planned. One more day that was definitely needed for thoughts, sadness, questions, anger and lack of understanding… yeah, that one day was important […]

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Paris is everywhere


Yes, Paris is everywhere, but at the moment, that doesn’t come with any positive connotation whatsoever. Unfortunately. Ironically, I intended to post my “Postcards from Paris” this weekend with all my positive memories from our trip to the city of lights at the beginning of October. In the light of current events, however, nothing seems […]

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On The Current Social-Media-Criticism


Blogger seem to only follow trends, even in their criticism My dearies, I don’t know if you’ve heard about it but I think this trend doesn’t only concern Germany. Even though, in Germany, people are a lot more pro-criticism than people in other countries. Bloggers from France, the UK or the USA are so much […]

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Take or Toss? YSL Monogram Bag


Hey sweeties, how have you been? Today, I’ll travel to Munich for a lovely event and I’m already really excited about it. You can follow my journey, as usual, on Instagram @catsanddogsblog. Another thing I showed you on planet Insta yesterday was a sweet little package from Mytheresa. Today, I wanted to show you what […]

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Show some more respect!


I was writing a long article in German today (if you speak German, click here to read it!) about how I wish people showed more respect to one another. I also have to learn this for myself a little more, because even though we are living in a world full of individualists, I don’t wanna […]

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