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10 Times Happy


“Happiness is a warm gun, yes it is…” My sweeties, my blog has never been the kind of diary where I talk about all kinds of personal stuff anonymously on the internet and hope for advice, help and whatnot in return. It’s always been a playground for my personal musings and it still is. But […]

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New Year’s Resolutions – Do We Need Them?


Why do I always have to make everything better on January 1st?? My sweeties, the new year is already 5 days old today. 5 days of 366 in which we want to make so many things better – like all the years before. I see those New Year’s resolution articles everywhere and I wonder: do […]

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Merry X-Mas!


Merry Christmas to you all! My dearies, it is finally that time of the year again: Christmas Eve and Christmas Day! That time which is best spent with friends and family, getting some rest, eating and drinking and exchanging presents. It’s the perfect time to simply enjoy the company of your loved ones. So I […]

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CATS & DOGS © 2008 – 2015 Exactly 7 years ago, as the year 2008 came to its end, I started this blog without ever thinking I’d keep it updated any longer than a couple of weeks. This was my very first post on CATS & DOGS – crazy, right? From that day on, this […]

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Fall Transition & Some More Thoughts


You can’t fight hate with hate. Hello my dearies, how have you been? I have to say, I’m still feeling numb and allowed my little blog-break to last a day longer than planned. One more day that was definitely needed for thoughts, sadness, questions, anger and lack of understanding… yeah, that one day was important […]

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Paris is everywhere


Yes, Paris is everywhere, but at the moment, that doesn’t come with any positive connotation whatsoever. Unfortunately. Ironically, I intended to post my “Postcards from Paris” this weekend with all my positive memories from our trip to the city of lights at the beginning of October. In the light of current events, however, nothing seems […]

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