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My Dinner Look in Bordeaux


Southern French moods and the perfect dinner dress for the beginning of autumn. My sweeties, as you’ve probably already discovered on our Instagram channel @catsanddogsblog, we’ve spent some super sweet days in Bordeaux a while ago. More precisely, we stayed in Martillac, where the Sources de Caudalíe are located and we had the chance to […]

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The Elegant Dandy Style


What is a Dandy and what makes him special? And am I really one? Hey guys, today, I’m gonna show you in detail my outfit from our Ford Mustang Shooting, because I really liked the outfit so much! I enjoy the simplicity of this suit, but not without adding some interesting details, like the polka […]

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Just switch it off


How about noticing your surroundings again from time to time? Hey guys, today, I brought along an outfit straight from nature. Walking bare foot, feeling the ground under your feet and the strength of the wind, watching the gloomy clouds – all that is like a holiday for body and soul to me. And it […]

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Inspired by Japan


On everything that inspires my right now and the importance if inspiration! My sweeties, what inspires you? I’m inspired by music, art, film and the written word. I’m inspired by my travels and the people I get to meet on those journeys. I’m inspired by the fresh air on every morning and by the sunset […]

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