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Paint Strokes – The Perfect Spring Blouse


A minimal springtime look with some really special eye-catchers. My sweeties, today, I’ve brought along another springtime favourite outfit of mine. It combines all the things I truly love right now: beautiful and very special blouses, crêpe silk, culotte pants, unusual mules, bamboo and soft, high quality leather. I first created this outfit as a […]

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You Got This – Trendwatch Statement Shirts


Summer-vibes with statement-shirt and culottes My sweeties, today, I’ve brought along another look from Fuerteventura for you and it incorporates one very specific current trend – statement shirts. I’m usually a fan of super simple and minimal clothing and prints, especially very bold ones, have never really been my thing. But the font and the […]

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Physics and Geometry


Movement and statics under the midday sun. Physics? Geometry? Oh my, are you thinking back to those dreadful school years, now? Hopefully, you didn’t. Anyway, for me, Physics was always cool because of those black holes that I’m a big fan of (they just fascinate me so much) and I loved geometry because I could […]

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An Ode To All Horses


Once upon a time, in the desert… There’s complete silence in the midday-heat, only the dry grass under your hoofs is giving off a somewhat distinct sound. We are walking, side by side, until we stop and take a rest. It is calm, almost lonely, but I’m happy and thankful to have you by my […]

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Spring Vibes and Contrasts


Material- and pattern-mix for those first warmer days. My sweeties, I’m really happy to show you my first real spring-outfit from Germany today. During our holiday, of course, we already had great weather, but now it seems to be coming home to Germany as well, yay! Finally, the sun is shining again and the air […]

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