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The Black Coat


An outfit for the beginning of December… My sweeties, I’m back from Cape Town and finally, I’ve got time again to take care of the blog, post new stories and shoot new stuff! I’m really excited for this month as there is gonna be some amazing articles on here, stay excited! While walking through town […]

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A mad professor in Venice, Italy


Ah… Venice! Hey guys, today, I’m gonna show you all my favourite outfit for an autumn day in Italy or, more precisely, in Venice. When I first thought about what to pack for this little trip, I almost immediately had to think about Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, which is also set in Venice. […]

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My autumn look, Inspired by Jane Birkin


Always a Parisian at heart, even in autumn. My sweeties, happy Saturday! Today, I want to show you how I’m getting though autumn in style. This is a look, by the way, which we photographed in Venice/Italy last week. We found this gorgeous wall full of red wine leafs and I simply fell in love […]

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