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Our second oldtimer rallye

Tomorrow, it’s time again and we can’t wait: we will be taking part in the 7th Radisson Rhein-Ruhr-Rallye and it’ll be our second time since we’ve become oldtier-partens with our 1978 Citroen CX last year. Why we love these kind of old-timer rallyes so much? Ah, there are many reasons! For one, it is great […]

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My current yoga equipment

By popular demand: on Instagram, I have been asked very often what kind of equipment I use for my yoga practice. To round up on the basics and to show you some inexpensive alternatives, I have created this blogpost in which I’ve collected all the necessary information for you. Good things take time: My personal […]

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Feel-Good Yoga Wear

My personal yoga-journey The past 10 months have been the most intense in my almost 4-year yoga-journey so far. I am currently practicing 50 to 90 minutes yoga daily and on every single day of the year, in any place, no matter where I am or how I feel prior to my praxis. But in […]

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