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Our home: The reading corner

Finding a cozy place in your loft? Yes to indoor-gardens! My sweeties, this beautiful Sunday, I have brought you all a couple of nice pics from our home again. I’m really excited to find out what you’re all gonna think of part two of the “Our Home”-series. Since part one about our loft was so […]

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Our Home: The Living Area

Work, relax, feel at home… this is our living area My sweeties, I’m so excited to finally show you our living area today! I know it’s been really long, so I can’t wait to hear what you think and wow, I can’t believe I could realize all my ideas at last, that I already had […]

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Eva Padberg collection for home24

Pictures @Home24 “Cozy Cocooning” or “Bohemian Bold” – which interior type are you? My sweeties, Berlin is being good to me, but I really can’t wait for the weekend and relaxing with my friends before going back to Dusseldorf on Monday evening. On Tuesday, I could take a little break from all the fashion and […]

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