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Vintage Memories and new hopes

I’m imagining I could travel back in time. To a time, not so different from today, anyway. But somehow still different, somewhat sepia. Back then, the youth was on the streets. People cried to be heard, wanted equality, freedom and someone listening to them. And above everything, they listened to a new kind of music… […]

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#MBFW with Mint & Berry

My impressions from last week and one of my fave looks. My sweeties, today, I have got some personal words and pictures about Berlin Fashion Week for you. It was a nice week with many exciting events, meetings and people. I hope you’ll enjoy this little recap… Berlin and its fashion – a difficult relationship […]

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Ruffle Sleeves and Sneakers

Your favourite ruffle sleeve blouse in my first Berlin fashion week look. My sweeties, it was pretty quiet round here during the past couple of days, wasn’t it. The reason for that is, that I was super busy during Berlin fashion week and didn’t get round to finish anything but live Instagramming. But at least, […]

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