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A mad professor in Venice, Italy


Ah… Venice! Hey guys, today, I’m gonna show you all my favourite outfit for an autumn day in Italy or, more precisely, in Venice. When I first thought about what to pack for this little trip, I almost immediately had to think about Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, which is also set in Venice. […]

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Hopeless Wanderer


“Hold me fast, ´cause I’m a hopeless wanderer…” Hey guys! Wow, what a morning that was, on that one day during our week on Majorca. Ricarda and I took a hike really early in the morning on a day that promised to become a sunny one and suddenly, there it was: the perfect sunrise. And […]

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The Weekender


A bag for (almost) any day! Hey guys, just a few days ago, I was off travelling again. As you all probably still remember, I’m working as a freelance photographer and director of photography (here, you can see a little bit of my work and of course, here on CATS & DOGS). Normally, I’m travelling […]

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The Elegant Dandy Style


What is a Dandy and what makes him special? And am I really one? Hey guys, today, I’m gonna show you in detail my outfit from our Ford Mustang Shooting, because I really liked the outfit so much! I enjoy the simplicity of this suit, but not without adding some interesting details, like the polka […]

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Just switch it off


How about noticing your surroundings again from time to time? Hey guys, today, I brought along an outfit straight from nature. Walking bare foot, feeling the ground under your feet and the strength of the wind, watching the gloomy clouds – all that is like a holiday for body and soul to me. And it […]

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