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(French) Beauty Favourites for Summer


My current favourites from French beauty-land and one USA fave. My sweeties, today, I finally want to show you some of my beauty favourites again. After all, it’s been some time since the last one, and in the meantime, some wonderful new products have been added to my collection. Funnily enough, most of the beauty […]

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Desert Glow Make-Up with YSL Beauty


My sweeties, today, I’ve brought you a make-up look that really glows with the reflections of the sun on hot sand. A perfect festival- and party look, which is still subtle enough to be worn already in the afternoon (because the liquid golden Full Metal Shadow by YSL* only becomes visible, when you close your […]

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How to get beautiful skin like the French girls


“A line of four intelligent products that strengthen the daily self-defense mechanism of our skin against environmental influences.” Mathilde Thomas My sweeties, let’s talk about anti-aging today. “Whaaaat?” some of you might be screaming now, “but why, I’m only turning [insert a number between 25 and 35] this year!” Well, but it’s exactly in this […]

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Me-Time with Braun FaceSpa


Softest care, massage and epilation for your skin with Braun. My sweeties, how much do you care for your facial skin? And in what way? This topic is so important for all of us, because if you take good care of the skin in your face (but not overdo it of course), you’ll see it […]

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Don’t forget: Suncare for Tattoos


Almost everyone has got tattoos today, but how to take good care of them? My sweeties, today, and thanks to a lovely collaboration with La Roche-Posay*, I’ll be talking about a very special beauty-topic: tattoos and how to take care of them in the sun. I feel like nobody is ever talking about that on […]

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