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Make-Up Inspiration – Festive and Glamourous


How I’m getting in the mood for the festive season… My sweeties, I’ve already talked about getting in the mood for the festive season in my latest outfit post and that I’m already really feeling the holiday vibes coming. And you know what? I’m really looking forward to those few but selected and special pre-Christmas […]

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Halloween Make-Up: Evil Queen


My Halloween-look as inspiration for you. How scary do you like it? My sweeties, after last year, when I went as little horror Bambi for Halloween, I wanted to turn into some Disney-character for this year’s celebration as well. I just looove Disney-movies, especially the fairy-tales. Snow White always was my favourite story among those, […]

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When beauty and fashion meet…


When two worlds meet, sometimes, something magical comes out of it… My sweeties, I’m holding them in my hands right now: the incredibly pretty products of the new ARMANI runway make-up collection! You probably already know that I’m a sucker for great packaging and this is why I fell in love with this mini 3-piece […]

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