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Beauty: My festival make-up look

a bit hippie, a bit 90s, and a little bit of India… Summertime is festival time and of course, you’re all aware of that! And since we adore any kind of guitar live music, sitting on the green grass, enjoying the warm summer sun and ideally, having some BBQ on the side, I also had […]

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My Beauty-Favourites – Travel Edition

My sweeties, today, I want to talk about my current beauty favourites again and this time, the topic will be “travel essentials”. While travelling, I often don’t feel like taking along very many beauty-products (mainly, because I’m afraid that all the glass bottles might break), and thus, I tend to only pack the basics. But […]

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My Beauty-Favourites in March 2018

All about my beauty favourites of this past month – and one more thing. My sweeties, it is that time of the month again: my new beauty-favourites are online. Today, I’m going to show you a new love brand of mine, about which I’ve already talked once before in this blog post, a new scent, […]

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My Beauty favourites in February 2018

New favourites for the coldest month of the year. My sweeties, we’ve almost survived this mean old and very cold month of February, yayy! Now, it can basically only get better and I’m really counting on that! So, without further ado, let’s start with today’s topic: I have collected my current beauty favourites for you […]

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