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Festive Make-Up

You (and I) can probably hardly believe it, but the festive season is upon us again and it’s about time we’d start getting our make-up and dress-up ideas ready! No matter if you want to look beautiful on Christmas eve or stunningly gorgeous on New Year’s, KIKO Milano has given me the inspiration to start […]

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Armani Ecstasy

High on trend in beauty-land are creamy, soft and lush lipsticks in all kinds of exciting and daring colours! No matter if you feel bold enough to wear a gorgeous deep red lipstick, sweet enough for bright rosé or if you have a retro 60s girl inside you, just waiting to break out wearing the […]

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YSL Beauté: Passion Red

“Lips red as the rose, hair black as ebony and skin white as snow.” As observant readers of this blog, over time you must have become aware of the fact that my favourite and most essential beauty products are indeed red lipsticks. I own them in any shade, shape and quality, some for daytime and […]

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Video: Hair Routine

“I love mint… even on my hair!” Finally, and I must say I feel the shame all the way down to my bones, I managed to record the little hair routine video I’ve promised you all a hundred years ago! God only knows why it took me so long, BUT now I had a very […]

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YSL Beauté – Gold

Nature’s first green is gold,Her hardest hue to hold.Her early leaf’s a flower;But only so an hour.Then leaf subsides to leafSo Eden sank to grief,So dawn goes down to day.Nothing gold can stay. Robert Frost, 1923 Gold. The metal and its colour have always fascinated me but it was only in the past couple of […]

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I love…?

Some people love this day called Valentine’s Day and some really loathe it. Of course, we could all just as mutually celebrate the day of the pancake, but as it is, Valentine’s Day is just a little more popular (I don’t know why exactly, because pancakes are brilliant) so I’ll take today as a means […]

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