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Kiko 3D Instant Volume Gloss


Ice, Ice, Baby! Haha, mein neues Lieblingsprodukt am Beautyhimmel? Der komplett verrückte 3D Instant Volume Plumping And Refreshing Lipgloss von KIKO MILANO, den ich letzte Woche in 3 verschiedenen Nuancen bekommen habe. Ich bin eigentlich überhaupt kein Fan von Lipgloss, aber dieser hier ist so anders und das nur aus einem Grund: dem sogenannten “refreshing”-Aspekt. […]

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New In: Shiseido


Here I am, back to blogging and finally, from my new room and office! I’m going to give you a little room tour soon enough but right now, all I can say is it’s good to know that I’ve found a place where I can be a little more calm, relaxed and perhaps even a […]

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Summer Skin: Braun #breakfree


“How much do you love your own body?” “Your skin is so beautiful!”, “I love your glossy hair, how do you do that?” or “I wish I had your legs!” – every time another girl comes up to tell me such a thing, and this does happen in real life every now and again, I […]

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Wow, sorry for the radio silence in the last two days but you know how it is: you plan things, then things don’t go according to plan, you stress out and in the end you just have a shower and a nice glass of wine soon to forget that there actually was a huge pile […]

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Video: Picture Perfect Skin


When I go out to shoot outfit pictures, it is really essential for me that my face looks radiant and impeccable. It’s important for me because my face always complements my looks and I wouldn’t want to distract you with my face as the focus is mostly on the styling. Anyway, I love make-up just […]

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“Blurring the lines between image and reality” When you come to think of it, the connection between what we see and what we make of the picture created in our mind is very subjective and can vary so much. I really like that. The fact that taking a picture of a picture and introducing new […]

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