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With C&A in Madrid


Here comes part two of the C&A #Reimagine Designer Challenge recap – this time in pictures. If you want to read more about this challenge, read my previous post on this topic HERE. At the champagne reception, we had the chance to meet everyone attending the event. This meant meeting old and new blogging friends […]

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Sherlock Holmes Museum


Last time in London, nerdy me simply had to pay the London Sherlock Holmes Museum a visit. With me being a massive fan of the wonderful detective stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, there was just no way around it.I was certainly surprised by how small and how stuffed with all kinds of more or […]

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Barcelona with Stradivarius


A while ago, I was invited by Stradivarius to visit Barcelona (again!), yay! Together with Jasmin, Anna, Jana, Julia and the team of German GLAMOUR (who also just published an article with a video HERE), we got the chance to visit not only the main store of Stradivarius on the first, but also the impressive […]

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Barcelona with Pepe Jeans


A month ago, I was invited by Pepe Jeans to fly to Barcelona for a day and follow the shooting of the new Pepe Jeans commercial! My job there was following around the Formula 1 Red Bull racing team Vettel and Webber with my little camera while they were filming the video of, well, basically […]

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