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Dreaming of sun, sand and sea


Just getting out of there for a bit… My sweeties, two days ago, we’ve been amazingly spontaneous (we hadn’t been that spontaneous in a long time), had the idea to get a away for a little (not for too long though, it’s fashion week next week in Berlin), so we sat in an airplane that […]

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In the dunes: the pinko dress


A special dress for a special moment… My sweeties, there are dresses, that somehow feel special from the very first moment you see them. Dresses that we really need to own and once we do, those are the ones we never wanna give away again in our lives. They become a part of us and […]

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Sea Folly – Minimalist Swimwear for summer 2017


Colour explosion? No! This is my beach time-out in black and white! My sweeties, year and year again, the spring and summer catalogues offer us the most colourful options for our beach getaway. Flower- and leaf-prints, stripes, dots and all kinds of crazy patterns in the colours of the rainbow are never out of style. […]

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Amsterdam with Radisson Blu


The perfect hotel for a short trip to the Netherlands… My sweeties, today, I want to suggest a really lovely hotel to you all, since Max and I spent last weekend in Holland. Saturday, we started off in Bloemendaal where we spent a lovely day by the sea, and in the evening, we finally took […]

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Beginner Yogi


About my favourite Yoga-exercises, Quickcap Sports and my new tiny friend! My sweeties, did you know that there is near to none natural vegetation on Fuerteventura, but also, almost no animals?! Not even insects! We discovered only a few goats here and there, trying to find something edible on the rocky hills. But then, there […]

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