And another try to establish a new blog… it’s real sad, i’m always too lazy to keep my blogs updated and after a while they’re so outdated that i don’t even enjoy posting in them anymore.

FYC, this is supposed to be a fashion based blog, because it’s still the one thing that interests me most in my spare time from studying, eating and studying.
So lets hope the bunny is motivated enough to jump out of her bunny hole from time to time to post some of her bunny findings on here.

Anyway, I got me a slightly too expensive but real cognac coloured suede leather bag at H&Ms last week, considering the sudden goldrush on my giro, and it’s become my constant companion since then. It looks even prettier with a couple of light-flowers stuffed inside it (which is unfortunately a bit more difficult to wear on the streets – BUT I’ll be searching for portable batteries anyway at some point!)
Nuff said!